If we’ve been asked once, we’ve been asked a thousand times. Where did the name OCTANE come from?


Technology and innovation are said to “drive” business. We decided to take that concept a step further. We believe they continually fuel a company’s growth. Which led us to




OCTANE is an exceptional professional services firm providing technology solutions and business consulting services. We leverage our expertise in the areas of custom software development, business intelligence, systems integration, enterprise solutions and advisory services to deliver technology solutions that drive business value without breaking your bottom line. Our clients find us a refreshing alternative to large national consulting firms who bring high billing rates, big egos and are often light on delivery. Our work is guaranteed, our rates are reasonable and our staff is local and experienced – a great value to our customers.


There was a time in American history when the corner gas station wasn’t a multi-bay, self-serve mega-chain. It was owned by someone you knew, someone who had earned your trust. The attendants actually cleaned your windows, checked your oil and filled the tank for you. It was an era of personal service and uncompromised value…the type of service and value that has become the foundation on which we build our business.


As a Wisconsin Corporation, OCTANE is fueling projects for national, regional and local companies alike. Many of our customers are comforted knowing that
OCTANE is a certified Woman Owned Business.