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Work with OCTANE to create a better analytics solution for your company.  Or use our expertise to modernize your legacy solution driving the most value out of your long-term investment.

Enterprise Solutions

OCTANE has decades of experience implementing enterprise software solutions both custom and off-the-shelf from the likes of Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Infor and a list of others.  Leverage our experience to reap the most out of your investment.


Are you full of good ideas but have trouble moving them forward?  Maybe you need help actualizing your vision?  Our team is here to help.


OCTANE can assist you in the transformation of your business with the assurance that you have the right people, processes, and technology to meet your goals.

We Fuel Technology

At OCTANE we believe Experience Matters.  Our team of experts have deep knowledge and industry experience that translates into customer success.


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What Can Best Practices Do For Me?

OCTANE’s experience working with 100’s of clients can help make your next initiative a success.  As problem solvers we bring the best from each engagement to all our clients to provide the very best solution possible be it new application development, analytics, ERP, CRM or building and executing your strategy.

This industrial manufacturing firm was working with another national consulting company to implement Oracle EBS.  After months of delays and unforeseen expenses OCTANE was introduced as a regional partner to better support the business and drive results.  The introduction of OCTANE’s subject matter expertise had an immediate impact.  The business stakeholders became more engaged, transparency and accountability improved, milestones were being met and the project accelerated to completion on-budget and on-time.

A national insurance company was in the midst of creating a new strategic plan.  The ‘C’ suite was interested in using Data Analytics as a way to enhance the decision-making capabilities within the entire organization.  This firm engaged OCTANE to create an assessment to analyze the readiness of the organization’s assets, culture and staff to meet the challenge.  OCTANE completed the assessment in less than 8 weeks and assisted in the development of a long-term Analytics strategy to assure the company’s progress in meeting their goal.

An international manufacturing and technology company was struggling to meet the internal decision-support needs of the organization.  After many years of acquisitions, new ventures and entry into global markets, the legacy data warehouse and related infrastructure was inadequate to meet growing demands.  Employees were skeptical about the existing data quality, visualizations were dated, and standards were often overlooked.  Much of the existing data teams efforts were spent fighting fires and fixing glitches.  OCTANE partnered with the data team to quickly assess problems, define and execute solutions, devise a plan to modernize and created a healthy environment to support future growth.

A global manufacturing firm was struggling to reach the full potential of their ERP system.  Not necessarily because the system lacked functionality or accessibility, but because business decision-makers could not gain visibility into the system data to the level necessary.  OCTANE worked with the organization to modernize their analytics increasing the speed and visibility of their data reporting.  Beginning with a wholistic modern framework, the silos of data that existed before were eliminated, while security and enterprise data quality were enhanced.  Meanwhile, the staff was trained and upskilled for the transformation and best practices were adopted for managing and maintaining the new environment.  Gains were made in supply chain efficiency due to better planning. Customer experience was enhanced due to improved on-time delivery and better visibility throughout the order-to-delivery process.  Employee satisfaction improved with the enhanced self-service model and new and innovative ideas were being cultivated and discussed instead of being brushed aside for lack of time or interest.  We love our customers and are proud of what we accomplish together.

Our Team’s Focus is on the Success of Your Team.

Our Process

Our client engagements usually begin with a discovery phase that enables our team with insight into your organization. From there we enter a period of planning and design that provides the framework for the project. Once we have sufficient planning in place we implement your solution and deliver the solution to your organization. Finally, we make certain that our knowledge is fully transitioned to your team and acknowledge that together, our goals have been met.

Our Goal

We want to take the stress out of navigating, planning, developing, and sustaining new and innovative technologies for our clients.

Your Success

Experience matters. We know that if we can share our knowledge and experience with your organization to achieve your goals, improve your process, or create a competitive advantage we can grow the success of your organization like never before.

“True perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”

-Our favorite quote from the legendary coach Vince Lombardi from which we model our business and encourage our clients to do the same.

The Green Bay Packers dominated the NFL during coach Lombardi’s tenure.  As a former school teacher, Lombardi was aware that along with mastering the fundamentals, having a solid foundation and a simplified strategy would yield his disciplined approach to winning.

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