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Big Data, Analytics, Business & Artificial Intelligence

OCTANE, will collaborate together with your team to create sustainable, repeatable processes to drive business insights, automation, process improvement and innovation.  We will help you learn to become data nimble and transform your data assets into information to create a competitive advantage for your organization.

Wondering how to get started with AI? A modern data warehouse can serve as the foundation for your data lake which is the central repository for storing large and complex datasets. Data quality, quantity, diversity and privacy are the key elements of sound data driven AI applications.


Data Science

Visualization & Business Intelligence

Data Quality Management

Analytics Strategy Development

Prototyping, Modeling & Validation

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Analytics Managed Services

Predictive Analytics

Data Lake

Learn more about OCTANE’s simplified analytics solution as a service -Express A.M.S. (Express Analytics Managed Services).

Enterprise Solutions & Application Engineering

Implementing large enterprise solutions can be a daunting task for even the best run organizations.  Implementations are often disruptive, time intensive, stressful and costly.  Make the most of your effort by partnering with OCTANE who can introduce the appropriate experience, leadership and insight to make your project a success.  We have developed custom applications, implemented ERP and CRM solutions, taken clients to the cloud, sunset entire legacy environments and many more.  And we do it without breaking your budget or your timeline.


Readiness Assessment

Cloud Solutions

Custom Application Development

ERP & CRM Implementation

Enterprise Application Integration

Data Migration Services

Application Support

Training & Mentoring


IT Strategy

Many of our clients have great ideas, but they struggle to move them forward due to a shortage of resources, planning or experience or some combination of all three.  Sometimes clients have trouble getting beyond the idea to the next step – creating an actionable plan. With your ideas and our experience we can create a strategy to get your organization moving forward to actualize the benefits of putting your ideas to work.

Business & IT Alignment

Roadmap Development

Program Planning, Design & Initiation

Best Practices Assessment

Project Portfolio Analysis

Advisory Services

Business Transformation

Technology investments can transform a business – no question.  OCTANE can help you maximize the value of those investments by assisting in the transformation.  In today’s climate more than ever, business agility is essential to keep pace with rapid change.  How is your company adapting to change?  Is your IT Strategy enhancing business agility in the enterprise?  OCTANE can help with your readiness, training, adoption, planning and other areas related to your business transformation.


Change Management

Business & IT Agility

Business Process Improvement


Enterprise Program Management

Performance Measurement

We Are a Customer Focused Team of Professionals.

We thrive as problem solvers and love technology challenges especially when creating great outcomes together with our clients.

Data Flight

Data Flight, by OCTANE,  is an innovative data migration and transformation tool that has saved our clients countless hours and thousands of dollars by automating the data migration and transformation process.  Developed in house by our own team of experts only OCTANE can expedite your next data project with Data Flight.

Express AMS (Analytics Managed Services)

OCTANE has fast-tracked your way to Analytics Excellence.  Start making more insightful strategic business decisions based on truth and not just your gut by enrolling in our Express Analytics Managed Services solution.  Let’s face it, by the time you build a strategy, evaluate technology, hire the staff and train your team, who knows what opportunities have been lost.  As early as tomorrow you could be utilizing a best-of-breed analytics solution that includes everything you need for a low monthly fee, all we need is your data and a problem to solve.

No Cost Assessments

OCTANE professionals will meet with you to discuss your requirements, specialized business needs or specific ideas to establish a foundation for moving your project forward and keeping it on track.

Together we can make your next project a success.